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NMK Fly Ash is a waste generated from Thermal Power Plants. Fal G is a technological renaissance of the age old pozzolanic industry proven for its strength and durability. Fal G is a ground blend of Fly Ash(Fa), Lime(L) and Gypsum(G) in suitable proportions which,upon hydration yields strength in the range of 40 to 400 Kg/Sqcm,rendering a totally water impervious hard matrix,with the formation of mineralogical phases during hydration similar to those of ordinary Portland cement(OPC).The technology is thus custom built with process parameters 

We offer durable, NMK, dimensionally accurate and high in compressive Fly Ash Bricks. These are manufactured using latest concrete compacting technology. Being in extensive demand in the construction industry, these bricks can be customized as per the requirements of the clients, like in various dimensions. These are strong and stable and can withstand huge pressure and adverse weather conditions. Moreover, these are available in market at very competitive prices and delivered in the stipulated time frame. 

NMKl of Manufacturing 

Though the ratio proportion of the raw materials to be mixed depends upon the quality of raw materials, but generally the raw materials are mixed in the ratio of 60-80% of Fly-ash, 10-20% Lime, 10% Gypsum and 10% Sand. 

NMK Fly-ash, hydrated lime, sand and gypsum are fed into a pan mixer where water is added in the required proportion for intimate mixing. After mixing, the mixture is shifted to the hydraulic brick making machines. The bricks are first stored in covered space for a minimum of three days for setting. Then the bricks are taken to open area where they are water cured for 15 to 20 days. The bricks are tested and sorted before being dispatched. 

Brick Industry in Namakkal India

Indian brick industry is the second largest producer of clay bricks in the world after China. In our country itself the consumption of bricks is 180 billion tonnes bricks annually. This turns about 5000 acres of top soil land unfertile for a long period of time, as its top soil is used for clay bricks (approx -340 billion tonnes of clay every year). The government is now concerned about this top soil erosion issue and has also banned clay brick making in certain areas. Contrary to it, fly-ash bricks being more durable, eco-friendly and economical, the government is supporting its production and use in building construction, construction of pavements, dams, tanks, under waterworks, canal lining, irrigation work etc.

Looking at the figures of annual consumption of bricks in our construction industry, the government is taking measures to encourage the use of fly-ash bricks over clay bricks. It is also encouraging the establishment of fly-ash brick making units near thermal plants. In this way enormous quantities of fly-ash will be utilized in making NMK bricks to meet the demand of local construction market at less transportation cost.

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