Samundi Driving School in Namakkal

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Samundi Driving School

Samundi Driving School is one of the famous and well know Driving Schools service provider located and available in Namakkal City of Tamil Nadu. Driving School is Government approved and recognized driving school in Namakkal. We teach to drive four-wheeler for men, two-wheeler & four-wheeler for women Armed with a staff who are all IRT trained (the pre-requisite for any trainer to qualified is the mandatory IRT certification) and coupled with an excellent classroom Environment with the state-of-the- art technology, and a stable full of vehicles ranging from swift, alto, Samundi Driving School as your most preferred driving school would become a choice by default. Our instructors are patient and friendly and are committed to helping you to become a confident and safe driver on the road. We provide excellent lessons by fully qualified, friendly, and patient driving instructors and welcome new drivers. Our fully-qualified and highly experienced instructors will carefully guide you through the learning stages, and when the day of your test arrives, you can be sure that you will have the necessary skill and knowledge to successfully pass your driving test. 54, Trichy Main Road, Namakkal, 

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